Many have written about Samobor, but have never truly described it.
Many have sung, but have never truly captured its essence. And many
have painted, but there is so much more left unpainted.
There are truly numerous reasons to love Samobor and its surroundings.
Thousands stop by at any season because the enchantments of Samobor
are always different and diverse.
It is natural that your home town is the most beautiful and most dearest
to you. And if Samobor counted all the people that love it as its own, it
would be among the biggest in the world. Therefore, citizens of
Samobor area are filled with pride that only the most beautiful things
are spoken about their home.
Tame beauty in the landscape and goodness in people.

Samobor, situated only twenty kilometres from Zagreb (capital city
of Croatia), is a small town of rich history. In pre-historical time
there was the bottom of the Pannonium Sea, and every hill was an
island. Samobor was inhabited in Copper, Bronze and Iron Age. It
was an interesting habitat to Celt and Ilir tribes, and the Romans
considered it an important passing and encampment site. In the
Middle Ages there was a noble fort and serf settlement, and later a
free royal market place. Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque,
and Succession period left their mark in this area. Samobor is a town
of craftsmen, traders, artists, scientists.
A small town became a town over time, but has kept its appeal in
preserved natural beauties and valuable monuments of its profane
and sacral cultural heritage.
Therefore, it is no wonder that this town and area have always been
appealing to many who come, stay and always come back again.
It is beautiful our little Croatia. So much that a person would
believe in the legend about how our Maker divided the Earth
among people.
Dividing everything, he noticed a Croat in a corner, and not having
anything to give him he lowered to Earth a part of Heaven and there
the Croats settled.