Primarily, everyone who has been here before.Young and adults come,
alone or with friends, families come.Business people come to arrange
deals or to celebrate successfully completed projects.Domestic and
foreign guests come from all over because they have heard of this place,
because someone recommended it…but one thing they all have in
common - once they’ve been here, they always come back.Kindergarten
and school children come to uncover, just like in a botanical garden, the
splendour of flowers from spring to fall…see the cave beauties, admire
and learn.Mountaineers come, young, adults…Everyone is truly welcome
Outside, opposite the cave, there is splendour of home cooking in the
tavern “Kod špilje”. Isn’t it natural to order and enjoy, here in the empire
of nature, real homemade meals?
Indeed, everything is home grown, from vegetables in our aromatic
soups to healthy salad which, along with side dishes, boosts the flavours
of domestic cooked or roasted meat, and all that with the right measure
of spices.
Everything, from the first aperitifs, through delicious appetizers to
traditionally prepared dishes is a feast for the palate. And to round your
gastronomic experience, you can choose one of our many quality wines,
or maybe a beer (which might have even been cooled in the cave).
Naturally, you will also enjoy our selection of desserts, which only our
grandmothers knew how to make.

Our Maker has gifted Samobor area with many riches.
In Otrusevec, a tame hamlet-village, he has hidden a true cave beauty
deep under ground. He has hidden a beauty, rich in stone ornaments
which have been created for thousands of years in silence: drop by drop.
Grgos cave is the most beautiful cave in this part of Croatia and in 1974 was
named and protected as a geomorphological natural monument.
And it was hidden until 1973 when it was discovered, just like in a fairy-
tale, by Josip Grgos.
For years hardworking Josip has placed mines into the hill - collecting
stones to be calcinated - difficult job by which he sustained his family.
For years only lime rocks have piled in front of him, and then one day
when dust settled down he saw, at first sight nothing special, one big hole.
“When I and my friends dug deeper we noticed that we were on the verge
of something special, thinking we have found only a small cave. For three
weeks we have dug deeper and deeper, because an even bigger cave was
opening in front of us. We worked all day digging 120 m deep. We would
only come out at night to rest. Women would bring us refreshments (...) I
don’t know how much dirt, clay and rocks we pulled out through a damp
narrow corridor at only ten degrees Celsius...”
The effort was rewarded by discovering a big cave with two ample halls
rich in speleothems of all shapes and sizes (one spelethem grows 1 mm in
30 years!). Corridors and paths were fixed up, lighting put in, and the cave
was opened for visitation and true enjoyment in its beauties.
And there would be the end of this fairy-tale discovery, if not for the
revelation of a new cave in 2007, with even three halls, 130 m long.
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